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Welcome to The Learning Journey Day Nursery

We understand that this an exciting time choosing where you feel will be the right place for your child. Let us assure you straight away that we will do our absolute best to make this time an enjoyable and memorable journey whilst playing a major role in your child’s future learning and development. We hope that we have included all of the information you need within our website, but if there is anything at all that you are unclear on we are always more than happy to speak to you so please get in touch.

We would love for you to come and take a look at our superb facilities for yourself. We know that to you, your children are the most important people in the world, and we carry that ethos by providing the best standards of care and education that will help with your child’s future learning and development.

We offer an enriching and inspiring experience to you and your little ones. We are proud of our nursery and the nurturing, family environment that we have created. As a local and trusted childcare establishment, we can adapt your childcare hours to work around you. We have specifically designed settings and an elite, dedicated team who can’t wait to care for and educate your child, helping them learn, develop and take those exciting next steps through their journey.

Latest News

Over the past couple weeks our setting at the Waterfront have had some changes which have been welcome by both staff and children. Different resources have been brought in to enhance our children’s learning, enriching their awe and wonder. Take a look at some of the fun the children have been having. ❤️


-WE ARE HIRING- We currently have vacancies for; Level 3 Practitioners Supply Staff Lunch Cover The vacancies are avaliable at our sites in Bromley Kingswinford and The Waterfront. We have many benefits on offer to all successful candidates. For further information or to request an application pack please email our Nursery Managers on:


✨C O L O U R C H A N G I N G L E A V E S✨ Intent: For the children to explore using different materials and equipment to make colour changing leaves. To build relationships with peers. To take it in turns to share equipment. To learn about colours. Implement: practitioners provided cotton wool, paint, pipettes and paper for the children to make their own colour changing leaves. Practitioners talked about the different colours. Impact: children shared the resources and equipment with their peers. Children learn about colours and the children enjoyed making colour changing leaves.


✨P U M P K I N D O U G H✨ Intent: to use the rolling pins to roll out the play dough to make their very own pumpkins. To build relationships. Implement: practitioners provided children with resources such as rolling pins and cutters so the children could take it in turns to make pumpkins. Impact: children have shared resources to roll out their play dough to make pumpkins. The children have build relationships with peers.


✨P U M P K I N S O U P✨ Intent: To build relationships with other peers. To learn about pumpkins and feel different textures. To make pumpkin soup using spoons. To develop their fine motor skills. Implement: Practitioner helped to calve pumpkin so the children could use the spoons to scoop the inside out to make soup. Impact: Children build relationships with other peers, the children developed their fine motor skills by using the spoons to scoop the inside of the pumpkin out. The children felt different textures.


✨B A L L P A I N T I N G✨ Intent: To follow instructions, work with peers. Implement: To provide children with the opportunity to work together to create a group project. Impact: To be able to work as a team and build relationships with peers.


✨L A R G E S CA L E W A T E R P L A Y✨


✨W O R L D P A I N T I N G✨ INTENT: Develop fine motor skills, language skills, develop creativity by creating and recognising marks and giving meaning to marks made. Learn about 'space' and 'Earth' following our 'Space' theme. IMPLEMENT: Green and blue paints to create Earth and World like marks. Space men props for children to use imagination to create. Paint brushes for children to make marks and develop fine motor skills. Encourage children to describe the marks they have made. IMPACT: Children created there own version of Earth and the World using the paints and brushes developing fine motor skills. Children described the marks they had made using language for example "I've painted Earth for the space man" Children joined in with singing "Five little men in a flying saucer"..


✨W A T E R W A S H P A I N T I N G✨ Intent:to encourage the children to talk about autumn.get the children to feel the textures of the leaves and explore colours and gain fine motor skills through holding the brushes and rubbing the wax candles over the page also early science seeing how the magic leaf appeared on their page where they rubbed the wax as they paint over it. Implement:give children paper ask them to pick a leaf and rub over their page with wax candle with leaf under then ask them to paint over page and watch magic leaf appear encourage talk about autumn such as leaves crunchy soft big small what colour are leaves when they fall off trees? why do they fall ? What colour leaves can we see? Impact:the children loved going to find their own leaf off the floor and then choosing what colour to paint over it with and was excitted when a leaf appeared on their page.children also gain knowledge of autumn.


✨A L I E N D O U G H✨ Intent- To use fine motor skills, squeezing, rolling & marking. To design your own Alien using Playdough, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Implementation- To provide materials so imagination can be developed and to use different tools, sense different textures. Impact- To encourage the children to share equipment and to work alongside each other.


✨G R U F F A L O C R U M B L E✨


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