The Learning Journey Day Nursery works in close partnership with Active Adventurers

Early Years

The initial focus for Active Adventurers Ltd is based upon developing fundamental movement skills through “Leo’s Jungle Adventure” and “Charlie’s Farm Adventure”. These are 12 week schemes of work designed specifically to fit into the Early Years Framework. Each session will last 30 minutes and works on a maximum of 15 children per session, thus enabling the leader to spend more time with each child to assist with improving skills.

Whilst a session is taking place the plan will be accessible to all supporting staff members to view. It will include the session storyline, activities and outcomes linked to the relevant developmental stages in the Early Years Framework. Each adventure session is designed to enable teaching to take place in small spaces if a larger hall or outdoor space in unavailable.

Leo’s Jungle Adventure

This scheme is aimed at children aged 3-5 years old. It is based upon the character Leo Lion and his mischievous friends Ellie Elephant and Harry Hippo. The first 12 week block of sessions are designed to improve and develop generic/fundamental movement skills. The second 12 week block is designed to incorporate sport specific skills with sessions based around sports such as football, gymnastics, tennis, tag-rugby and hockey.