Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Education And Play

The Learning Journey Day Nursery will adopt the EYFS and everything we do will be based upon its principles. The team are fully knowledgeable and capable of using it to enable each and every child to reach their full potential. The Learning Journey Day Nursery is also dedicated to informing, updating and educating parents/carers about the EYFS so parent/carer partnership and home learning can effectively take place.


The Learning Journey Day Nursery believes that having a successful Transition plan will assist the children no end. At The Learning Journey Day Nursery we:

  • Have planned transition visits when a child moves from one room to another.
  • Reports of learning and development stages from one room leader to another upon transition.
  • Work closely with local Primary Schools.
  • Complete Transition documents and forward them to a school where a child will go.
  • Undertake Transition visits to schools with families if requested.
  • Carry out home visits to all new nursery children (where possible).
  • Have local school uniforms in our role play areas.
  • Have local school picture books in our book areas.
  • Invite school professionals into the nursery to meet children who are transitioning to their setting.