Pre-School Suite
36 + month old

Pre-school is the place where the children will start preparing for school, from our routine to the activities we do.

There will be challenges, and the children can decide whether to work indoor or outdoors as they have direct access to our beautiful garden area all day.

Our Preschool Suite focuses on preparing your children for ‘big school’ by encouraging children to develop their independence in all areas including: developing their academic nature by encouraging letter writing and simple addition; along with all aspects of their personal and social development; their communication and language development; and their physical development focusing on both fine and gross motor skills. Staff ensure they provide activities for the children within the preschool rooms that are interesting to them and are based on their individual needs and interests.

The staff working within the preschool room have an intensive knowledge of Early Years, focusing on the development of 3 – 4 years and the importance of readiness for school. Within the preschool rooms most staff are graduate qualified, with qualifications to level 6.