The Learning Journey Day Nursery Holly Hall offers an experience like no other to you and your family. We are open 07.00 to 18.00 Monday- Friday, only closing at Christmas and Bank Holidays allowing working parents to have peace of mind whilst juggling their commute, work commitments and childcare.

We have specifically designed rooms dedicated to each age group, an elite team passionate about childcare, and a nursery setting conceived to encourage individuals to blossom as your little one takes their next exciting step through their journey of learning.

Our team are qualified to a minimum of level 3 and bring a great breadth and depth of experience and skill.

Every member of staff is handpicked for their knowledge, experience, commitment and passion.

We have an innovative set up at our Holly Hall site, with smaller focus rooms that both toddlers and pre-schoolers can access freely. We have a library, creative suite, sensory room and focus room (for maths and literacy) for key groups to us freely to develop key skills, explore creatively and peak the children’s interest.

Along with our smaller exciting focus rooms we have a Pre-School suite boasting the health and well-being room, a class room and a free play area encouraging older little ones to get used to a school environment in a step towards school readiness.

Our wonderful health and well-being room encourages communal eating of all meals and a snack café during the morning and afternoon. We also find that through health education our littles like to try and explore new tastes and textures at both snack and meal times; giving them the tools to make healthy food decisions.

What makes us sparkle?

  • 15- Hours Free Childcare for Two Year Olds
  • 15 Hours Free Childcare for Three and Four-Year Olds
  • 30- Hours Free Childcare Available
  • All-inclusive fees for privately funded children
  • Touchscreen ICT resources
  • Baby Gym
  • Separate sensory room
  • Graduate led nursery with Early Years Professional
  • Accessible garden for all
  • Beautifully separate baby garden area
  • Sporting sessions tailored for each age group
  • A proactive parent partnership

Encouraging individuals to blossom

  • All our rooms have a clear sense of routine, to provide your child with structure and develop their growth.
  • In each room we provide a snack café- allowing independent choice, and encouragement to explore foods from the very start.
  • Every child is catered to individually through their own learning plan, through all rooms we strive to develop your child further and support them so they can succeed with every step.
  • Both morning and afternoon sessions follow a similar theme; with both including structured learning, free play, group activities, snack café and either lunch or high tea. Therefore, whichever session you choose your little one will never miss a thing.
  • All team members are dedicated to go above and beyond so that your child feels safe and supported in a happy encouraging environment to laugh, play and learn.
  • We provide a secure safe environment to put your worries at ease and ensure little minds can grow, little feet explore and little hearts find a love for learning at a young age.
  • We have a unique setup with a separate library, creative suite, sensory room and focus rooms to allow the children to have a diverse curriculum.

ENCOURAGE- ENGAGE- EXCEL … Ensuring children strive at every stage