Baby Suite
1.5 - 23 month old

Our dedicated baby suite team strive to provide a real home from home environment, in a warm and welcoming manner to ensure an immediate bond is built with both parents and baby.

We understand the transition from home is important and value your input as a parent immensely, as you know your baby best. That’s why we continue your baby’s routine, their favourite experiences and begin to stimulate their senses as they start their learning journey.

Our baby suite uses three rooms to allow a spacious environment for little ones to start their adventure, the main communal room for eating and little ones exploring with their newly found feet and an older babies room for those almost ready to transition to toddlers but still need some extra care and support.

The baby suite is located near to the kitchen so that milk bottles and feeds are on hand for all of our babies, from dot to two. We work with both kitchen staff and parents to ensure that your child’s dietary requirements are met through all stages of weaning and beyond.

Separate sleep suite.

We boast a separate sleep suite for the baby’s sole use, this is always manned by a qualified member of staff and ensures that the babies get solid peaceful rest when they need it most. Within our sleep suite there is an array of cots and dream coracles, for our little ones to curl up in.

Baby Garden

We have a wonderful baby garden existing separately from our main nursery garden, providing a safe encouraging and calm environment for our babies to explore the outside. The garden has a playhouse, slide and climbing frame to provide stimulation and adult led activities within the garden, providing a further environment to learn. We are very keen for all our children to enjoy learning outside through play, exploration and sensory time.