Pre-School Suite
36 + month old

This is our suite dedicated to getting your little one ready for school, in a stimulating and exciting environment, mirrored on a school reception class setting.

We believe that the children find purpose in developing their basic literacy and numeracy skills ready for school when they are supported in a school way. Independence is nurtured through conversational skills, self-serving and choice at meal times and a warm safe encouraging environment so that they themselves can develop and bloom.

Our team are qualified to level 5 or above and led by an EYFS professional, to stretch skills and quiz imaginative minds to push your child to succeed and find joy in learning. We support both the family as a whole and the children in their transition to school reception, ensuring that success follows them in their next learning adventure.

Pre-School Classroom

We recreate a classroom setting for our Pre-Schoolers in an aid to prepare your little one for the transition to school and the more rigid daily structure. Within our classroom we focus on our letters, numbers, phonics between fun topic led table top activities.

Nursery Uniform

We encourage our little ones to wear a nursery uniform to give them a sense of pride in both their appearance and in their learning as they prepare to go to school. It also sets them apart from the younger ones at nursery, giving them a sense of grandeur.

Readiness for School

We work exceptionally hard to ensure your little one is as prepared as possible for school. We work closely with local Primary schools, teaching phonics in the same way to ensure they are well equipped and recognise and sound phonics. We work with blending letters to form words, start with kinetic letters and write letters to form our name and simple words.

Literacy and numeracy are central to our focus with daily activities on these topics, as well as expressing ourselves through creative outlets and outdoors education.

In mirroring a school setting our Pre-School encourage weekly homework of reading logs and literacy/ numeracy worksheets to allow parents to aid their child’s learning and readiness for school.

Ofsted on previous visits have been suitably impressed with our children’s readiness for school and believe this gives the children a fantastic grounding where learning is fun, and the children maintain this impression through school. Fun and learning go hand in hand, we instil a sense of pride of children in their learning, feeding their imagination and thirst for knowledge.

School Transition

An element of our nursery that Ofsted praised as excellent is our expert system of transitioning children to a school setting. We encourage schools to visit us at the nursery, use local uniforms in our role play area and discuss the topic of school and transitioning throughout the year to focus the children on the excitement and adventure of their next steps.

Promoting Independence

We encourage independence through various aspects of our day: self-registration, self-service at meal times, pride in appearance, putting our own coat on before going outside, learning to recognise and write our name along with closely following the EYFS to ensure your little one is a confidently happy child ready to start school.

Our Pre-School has been highly praised by local schools for ensuring the children so well equipped for starting school and adjust so quickly due to their experiences here at The Learning Journey Day Nursery.

Pre-School Graduation

We truly believe in celebrating each and every milestone, success and ambition that your little ones have in the time that they are with us. With this in mind we have a graduation ceremony for all Pre-Schoolers leaving at the end of the year to start their next learning adventure.

Pre-School also access our wonderful suite of independent rooms, allowing our key groups to work independent from the large group to work on different areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and explore learning through different medias.

Sensory Room

Our separate sensory room is a jewel in our crown, with fabulous array of equipment creating a calm relaxing environment for all ages groups. We believe that access to a sensory room makes a big difference to a child, whether they simply enjoy the mood lighting and light-up table top or require extra sensory time to deal with a complex of emotions that they do not truly understand, our sensory room is at their disposal.

Creative Room

A chance to express for little ones to explore their artistic side, from painting, foam play, to water and sand play- there is nothing our creative room cannot handle. We are extremely proud of the creations and display them in the art gallery for all to see. With this space the children are able to get creative throughout the day, it also allows us to host craft events for Parents/Carers.

Focus Room

A dedicated room for maths and literacy is a valuable tool. As the toddler team build confidence and learn the basics with their little ones, a smaller room to concentrate with their key groups is essential we have found. This quiet space to concentrate in and start their love of learning gives the children a strong grounding ready for Pre-School and life-long learning.

Health and Well-Being Room

Our dining space allows for the opportunity to have a communal eating room for our toddlers and pre-schoolers to enjoy their lunch and snack café. The social aspect of communal eating allows little ones to gain new social skills and experiences sharing meal times together, with the fast-paced environment of a busy nursery taking the time to share a meal is of real importance to us.

We believe in the importance of communal meal, with the traditional tea time of everyone sharing a meal around the family table has been side-lined with the demands and pressures of our busy working environments taking over. Therefore, we promote this activity throughout the nursery at every meal time, that we come together in our groups (be that babies, toddlers or pre-school) to eat our food and discuss our feelings, what we did at the weekend, what’s on our mind and encourage conversations between the children.

We also use this hub to teach the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices, encouraging trying new flavours and textures at the snack café. Whilst celebrating festivals together as a whole nursery, and experiencing different culinary delights.

Our focus on healthy lifestyle choices is seen through different aspects of the nursery, outdoor education, sport coaches, dental hygiene, snack café and the enjoyment of our home cooked meals.